The Jazz Chef’s HellzaPoppin’™ Popcorn


2.0 lb. / 900 g. Bag

My special premium gourmet blend that I’ve been making for years for my family. Higher in antioxidants, richer in taste, it’s more popcorn “bang” for your buck. Pop it up, and you’ll be invited to the party, too!

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Product Description


The Jazz Chef’s Pops’HellzaPoppin’Popcorn™ is my special premium blend of white, yellow, blue and purple organic*, midwestern popcorn kernels that are light on hull and long on fluffy flavor!  This is the house blend I’ve been making for years for my family. I blend corns that are more tender, higher in antioxidants and fiber. A super gourmet popping corn that’s low fat, high-fiber, and sourced from the best of the best. A blend that I’ve perfected over a decade!

Throw a little high-temp, better-for-you avocado oil into your Whirly-pop and you’ve got poppin’ movie nights, football/futbol food fun, or a nice little amuse-bouche like my Baksheesh Popcorn before a meal!


  • Snacking
  • Parties
  • Tailgates
  • Sneaking into the movie theater (shhh…)


Why “HellzAPoppin?”

Dedicated to Louis Armstrong, aka “Pops,” who was the MAN of modern music. Without him, there would have been a lot less pop in our popular music. The first pop “super star,” Armstrong’s amazing trumpet, and gravelly voice transformed the music biz.  In 1950, he recorded a tune  called “Hellzapoppin.”  If popcorn should have a theme song, this is it!


Available in 900 g. (2 lb.) bags.


This is our first in-house product, so, naturally, it gets my Big5!




*Some, but not all kernel types in this mix are organic.

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