Tobasco Worcestershire Sauce


Tabasco puts a little hip zip in the worcestershire sauce tank with this spicy remix of the stodgy British classic.

5oz. Bottle

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As you know I don’t generally like bottles you’d find in a tourist shop. Most spicy sauces are gimmicks. You can add your own spice to a base like tomato or soy  and not waste another bottle of stuff in your pantry. Worcestershire is trickier stuff, though, because it’s aged, if it’s good.

You could take the tried and true French’s and add a bit of pepper to it, but, I’ve found that McIlhenny Co.’s TOBASCO® brand worcestershire sauce adds a little signature kick that only the makers of one of the most unique spicy pepper sauces could.

It doesn’t have the full horsepower of a couple of drops of Tobasco, which, if hot sauce was music, would be the state anthem of Louisiana, but that’s good. We are only looking for a spicy notch above British boredom.

I use it in my Pee Wee’s BBQ Pork Perfection, but it handles well in a lot of dishes, from a Bloody Mary, to a bit of kick that shakes up a Shepherd’s Pie. It even sits out next to the other condiments for a burger night well, and will transform all but the stodgiest of HP Sauce lovers’ world view.  Pop some into the onion gravy of Bangers & Mash and watch the smiles of your family and guests.

This uncommonly wicked worcestershire earns my Five Diamond Choicestuff admiration.  Best price that I’ve found, if it’s not on your supermarket shelf, is direct at the Tobasco Country Store.



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