Zoto Infrared Laser Thermometer


Hate thermometers? Like looking smart? Feeling confident? Point. Click. Success!

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Product Description


A laser thermometer is ideal for measuring the SURFACE temperature of things. Great for telling how hot a pan,  oven or grill is. Bad for the internal temperature of a 9.5 kilo/21 lb. turkey.

The Zoto has an input for an internal probe. We like this better than some of the cheapies that come with a probe, as you can pick a nice food-grade one that works best for your circumstances.

What Does It Do?

Where it is most useful is seeing how your equipment reaches the proper temperatures for many recipes. You can pan sear a piece of salmon perfectly at 177°c /350°F, but which number, on your electric stovetop dial, of 1-9, is that?

Point the laser gun. Click. Temperature.

You can set bracket temperatures high/low. That’s useful for things like candy making.  It auto alerts when above/below limits settings.

More ideal results in your recipe make you look a lot smarter, in your kitchen, and give you peace of mind as you’re improvising away!

When Do I Use It?

You use it to learn how anything that involves surface temperature in your kitchen works.

Once you learn how your pans, and your stove, work together, or how cold (really) is that slab where you’re working the fudge, or the place where you proof your bread, you’re good! You don’t need to do it every time.

  • Suspicious that your oven temperature is “off?”
  • Making a dinner for your boss, or a picky in-law?

Then it’s nice to whip out your trusty laser gun, and get real-time temperature information..


  • Multiple function settings: ZOTO Infrared Thermometer can be rapidly and accurately measured surface temperature, environment temperature,
  • Light, compact size
  • Storage cover keeps it safe in your gear drawers
  • K-thermocouple, allows you to plug in a probe for interior temperature.
  • Top-grade LED screen with an easy read of temperature, without distraction from other info, on screen.
  • Alert Function for high/low bracketing
  • Built-in red laser for precisely aiming. Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1; UV light which can be turned on and off independently; Auto-power off function activates after 25 seconds of none work and low battery indicator.
  • HIGH DEFINITION LCD AND ANTI-SKIDDING GRIP: Cleaner, specific and bigger data on the color LCD screen, makes it more easier to know the data at a glance.Packed by a well made leather pouch to protect, the handhold is anti-skidding design, comfortable grip and easy battery replacement.
  • WIDE RANGE APPLICATION: The temperature within the range -50℃~800℃ (-58°F~1472°F) can be measured in a safe manner without contacting with the surface, and the response time is less than 500ms. Temperature gun can be used for cooking, automobile maintenance, HVAC real estate, fire-watch, electrical engineering and more.


Zoto is one of dozens of eponymous labels slapped on to the same equipment by aspiring Chinese start-ups, often made with ten labels at the same factories, in China. They tout really good customer service. I’ve never had to test the claim. The way that it’s written, it’s less of a warranty, than a promise. That could use some improvement, Zoto.

The Zoto has a few extras that are nice. The buttons are a bit more sensibly put together than some others,  but, truly, there is nothing terribly distinctive about most of the ones that we’ve tried. Set to Centigrade (c) or Fahrenheit (F), point, click, temperature reading.

The battery lasts well.

I give the Zoto Infrared Laser Thermometer  a three diamond, for being the top product that we tried. In a category full of the same design, the few little extras, and some design choices in the screen layout, make it a bit above the large pack of competitors.


Want to know more about how we rank? Read on.

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