Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey


Nate’s “Made by American Bees” tag is a bit of honey hyperbole, but that’s about the only exaggeration of this great product! 

32 Oz.

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Honey should be like a fingerprint: Unique. What the bees discover out and about is what you get in a good raw. Nature Nate’s works with small producers to bring in honeys from clover, canola, wildflower and tallow fields, and a few others. This makes for a rich flavor for the best all-purpose honey that I’ve ever tried.

The 32 oz. size is just right if you’re working your way out of a white table sugar habit, but Nature Nate’s offers other form factors for every pantry and preference.

Nature Nate’s honey is rich, usually dark amber, and untreated. They warm the honey a touch to screen out any wax comb or bee parts and get it into the bottles.


Why go “raw”? Probably man’s original sweetener, raw honey has lots of good nutrients that get cooked off in the pasteurized persuasion. They test each batch for a high pollen count no traces of corn or rice syrup adulteration, pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics before it finds its way into a bottle.

Big Honey that’s pasteurized and blended may have a consistency of taste, but it’s a thin, sharp, sugary sort of bland taste that’s occasionally augmented with rice syrups, agave or high fructose corn syrup even before it hits the main processor, who may not be checking all that carefully for it.

Nature Nate certifies that their honey is the real deal, but your palette can taste that.


Aside from obvious general sweetening of drinks, honey is a great flavor in all kinds of dishes. I use it in sauces from salad dressings to my house made honey dijon, BBQ sauces to all kinds of Asian preparations. It’s great in baking, AND, you can, with a fine-spout squeeze bottle just drizzle some over bananas on a bed of vanilla yogurt and a little crumbled graham cracker crumbs  for a great dessert that looks great and tastes even better!


There’s a lot of honey hoo-ha about this or that miracle that it performs, but I know from personal experience, based on sound medical studies, that it’s a good curative for a mild kitchen burn like a small grease spatter on the arm. A little under the bandaid keeps the oxygen off and the burn healing nicely for me.


  • Total sugar intake, including honey, should not exceed 24g/6 tsp a day. This honey is bold and rich enough that a little tastes like a lot, so you can meet your targets with a bit less;
  • Do not consume raw honey if you have immunodeficiency issues;
  • Allergies – Mixed data on raw honey. Some say it helps improve your immune response, some say that it can put extremely sensitive people with pollen allergies into crisis.

These are general advisories only. Consult your healthcare professionals for more information on your personal situation.


Nathan Sheets’ company gives back in projects around the world, which makes the world a little sweeter, along with your tea.


I keep a few specialty honeys around like chestnut or mangrove, for their distinct tastes, but day-in, day-ou,t Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey is a personal go-to for everything from my rockin’ spareribs to the capstone of my cup of chamomile.   Which is why it gets my Choicestuff™ Five Diamond award in spite of being part of a very, very crowded field.


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