Good Grips Silicone Basting Brush


Ditch pan sprays and brush instead!  This silicone brush is high temp, and works great for everything from traditional basting of meats and pastries, to laying down a little high temp oil in a warm pan in place of using a spray cooking oil.

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Product Description

This is how you replace spray oils in your cooking arsenal.  Heat-resistant silicone is good for pretty much all pan applications (450°F-600°F) so it’s easy to grease a warmed up pan without melting the brush. 

A teaspoon of ghee, or a high temp oil like avocado or rice bran, or a high-temp butter like ghee in the pan, and the silicone brush lays down a nice thin coat of it without burning, or going aerosol and getting everywhere, including the outside of your pan and into your lungs like a spray oil.

I use it for greasing pans for eggs, basting and all kinds of other applications. It’s ridiculously easy to clean, too, unlike old school nylon basting brushes, so it becomes a go-to for a lot of applications.

This is a particularly nice, and attractive brush, with a good grip for often greasy or dirty hands, so it picks up my two-diamond Choicestuff ranking for above par design of a pretty common item.


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