StarPack Premium Silicone Basting Brush


A high temp basting brush that takes on pans and BBQs up to 316°c/600°F with a hygienic one-piece design for pastries, roasting meats,  and high temp applications like brushing on sauce at your BBQ grill, or smoker.

Color: Gray Black  (each).

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Product Description



A basting brush works to apply anything to food as you would paint with a brush on wood, metal, etc. 

A silicone basting brush, that is high temperature, allows you to baste things that are hot, around equipment that is hotter, that won’t cause the brush, or its bristles, to melt, and ruin your food, or your equipment. This is the top of the line, at 316°c/600°F. It can be used on pastries, or working over very hot grills.

No Meltdowns!

This is how you replace spray oils in your cooking arsenal.  Heat-resistant silicone is good for pretty much all pan applications at 232°c – 315°c (450°F-600°F) so it’s easy to grease a warmed up pan without melting down the brush. 


A teaspoon of ghee, or a high temp oil like avocado or rice bran, or a high-temp butter like ghee in the pan, and the silicone brush lays down a nice thin coat of it without burning, or going aerosol and getting everywhere, including the outside of your pan and into your lungs like a spray oil.


I use it for greasing pans for eggs, basting, brushing butter on muffin tops,  and all kinds of other applications. It’s ridiculously easy to clean, too, unlike old school nylon basting brushes, so it becomes a go-to for a lot of applications.


Silicone is super easy to keep clean! Unlike Nylon, and other basting brushes, the brush is one cast piece, which leaves nowhere for old food bits to hide, or for bacteria to build up.


While this is a much more pedestrian brush, in terms of style, the design of the bristles is perfect, and the mono-unitary design, along with the highest temp rating, that I’ve been able to find, thus far, makes the StarPack Premium a Four-Diamond worthy basting brush.

Jazz Chef Choicestuff 4 Diamond


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