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Atlas Never-Whipped Cream


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Whipped cream comes in all shapes and sizes. You can go softer, lighter, or, in the case of one that has to sit atop warm things, like a pancake, super strong. If you make a softer, more normal mix, it will melt too fast.

Charles Atlas Vintage Ad

In the 20th century, Charles Atlas, a bodybuilder who claimed that he was a “weakling,” as a kid, ran ads that promised the “puny” guy that, if you used his bodybuilding method, you, too, could become a muscle hunk, and kick sand in the face of the beach bully.

So “Atlas” heavy cream may be down; it may be on the ropes; it may be beaten until it’s tough, but it’s NEVER, gonna be whipped!

The Gear

The Stuff

The Steps

  • Put the ingredients into the mixer;
  • Insert the whisk head onto the mixer. Lower the motor into place and lock.;
  • Whisk on low speed to integrate, 30 seconds. You may need to stop, and use the spatula to scrape the powdered sugar on the edges of the mix back down into the cream;
  • After the sugar is fully integrated, increase the speed to the low part of the medium range;
  • When the cream gets super stiff, and starts breaking up, STOP. You’re done.
  • Scoop into your serving container. It’s thick enough you can use a small scoop to make an attractive plating, if you wish.

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