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Whether you’re making an egg-white omelette, basting a bread crust, or making a Pisco Sour, liquid egg whites are a go-to building block of so many great recipes. They‘re also a secret weapon that makes your recipes consistently AWESOME!

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Pete & Gerry’s liquid egg whites is a premium product because it comes from eggs that are kept refrigerated at 45°F, right after they’re laid. That reduces the risk of a contaminated product.

Liquid egg whites are separated from the yolks, spun a bit to break them up for easy measure, and pouring, and then pasteurized.


Obvious uses would be an omelette, or an egg-white scramble, but it works well as:

  • Egg wash for empanadas or breads;
  • Cocktails for a whiskey sour, or a pisco sour;
  • Meringues;
  • Protein for smoothies;


One really slick use of it is as an equalizer. The term “Grade A” egg is a size, not a weight. Eggs of the same size classification can vary a lot between the breeds of hens that lay them, and brands.

Vital Farms pasture raised “Al Fresco” eggs are 50-55 g.  The Happy Egg Co.’s pasture raised are about 40-45 g. That’s a 5-10 g. difference, which can make a big difference in the outcome of a recipe!

The proteins of egg whites, especially in baking, are the binder, the glue, that holds everything together, or firms things up. I find that 50-55g. egg weight, for a modern egg, is about normal. So, I always weigh the eggs, dropped into the mixing, or holding containers. If they’re light, add a few grams of the liquid egg white to get the eggs to the right amount of binding.


Eggs still carry a lot of cholesterol, which, while we understand it better, is still not ideal in terms of a balanced diet. Instead of two eggs, for a scramble, or an omelette, make it with one egg, another 25-50g of liquid egg white.


  • Add a little to cold ingredients that are tossed into hot pasta to help adhesion as they warm up;
  • Mix with a thick sugar drizzle over cookies, or sweet cakes, to sharpen it up, and give it a bit of crunch;
  • Add a touch to my müesli with whatever milk to add a bit more protein, and give it more of a cold-oatmeal texture;
  • Use in my Snow White sugar cookie for a super-crisp cookies!


Gerry’s is one of the most commonly available organic, politically correct egg-whites brands that’s available in American supermarkets. It prices out as a super-premium, almost double, usually about $2.00+ over conventional eggs in the Just Eggs, and Egg Beaters products.  It’s worth it, for the quality of the product.

That being said, there is either some remnant water, or added water, from their process that can make these liquid egg whites a touch runnier. Not bad when I need an egg wash.  A little more cooking time for my omelettes, so much so that I usually break a few eggs.

At the cost of really good pasture raised eggs, I’m always loathe to lose either the yolk, or the whites, in a recipe. Pete & Gerry’s solves that problem. I give it four stars as one of the best, and most commonly available, organic-grade egg white products in the market today.


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