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The Jazz Chef’s “Si Si Si” Smoked or Sous Vide Brisket Rub




This coffee (¡Si!), aji chile (¡Si!), and cocoa powder (¡Si!) rub is great for cooking a first-cut brisket in either a sous vide or a smoker. I shred the meat and put it on my Costa Rican-inspired arepas.

The aromas and flavor are amazing!




  1. Deseed the pepper pod, and remove the connective tissues, where the heavy heat is stored. Leave a bit in if you want the rub spicier, but if you want the amazing aji chile’s BIG flavor, pull it all out.
  2. Add the ingredients to a coffee grinder or small electric chopper/grinder.
  3. For the coffee mill/grinder, grind until the whole is combined and fine. For the chopper (in the photos), pulse grind, then chop, then grind, back and forth, until the spice mix is a powder. If you’re a masochist, you can use a mortar/pestle.

  4. When finished, it will look like grains of sand:
  5. Apply to a meat, or it can be stored for use for about eighteen months.


This spice mix is built best for a sous vide.

If you are going to put the meat into a smoker, omit the smoked hickory salt and add an equal amount of the Himalayan pink salt.  You can grill it as well, but I would vacuum seal it for 24 hours for a large brisket 2.5 lbs.+ (1.13 Kg.) , 12-14 hours for smaller ones.

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