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Harissa Brei




A little Semitic synthesis brings brei, broken bits of Jewish matzoh, soaked in eggs and scrambled or pancaked, with harissa, the ketchup of the Middle East and North Africa, in a quick and easy dish that you can whip off in the morning, or for a quick dinner before heading out here or there.

Remembering that less is more, flavor the egg wash, don’t drown it in harissa. If you’re mad about the stuff, just put a little more on to yours as a topping.

Take a quick read of how to cook eggs perfectly,  before taking a crack at this egg dish!

Serves 2




  1. Set your pan on a low/med burner and bring up to 68°C/154°F. Verify this with your digital thermometer.
  2. While warming, whisk together the eggs, egg whites, and seasonings.
  3. Run the matzoh under running water, then break it up into roughly 1/2″in size bits over the egg mixture. There can be lots of variation. Turn a couple of times with the spatula.
  4. Check the pan with the thermometer. If hot enough, maintain the heat. If not, increase slightly then decrease to get to desired temp.
  5. Add some avocado or rice bran oil.
  6. Add the eggs and matzoh mixture.
  7. Using the spatula, turn periodically, not constantly, to let the eggs and the matzoh integrate and rise. It is important to leave them alone so they will rise. This is a thick scramble.
  8. Plate.


  • It can also be served with a dollop of hummus in the middle with a little puddle of olive oil.
  • If you like you can also just turn a couple of times here and there, shape, and serve pancake style.
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