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The Jazz Chef Introduces PantryClub™



The first rule of PantryClub is everyone talks about PantryClub.

There are things we can get at the supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and local purveyors.  There are things that we can get from big online stores like Amazon.

Free shipping at Amazon Prime is a plus. On top of free two day, or better, delivery, you get free movies, TV, video, audiobooks and books.  Some shippers, like Nespresso, or SpiceJungle, will provide free shipping for a large enough order.

There are other companies where the cost of shipping can double the cost of the item.

PantryClub is a way to group together and buy better stuff together.

Food is one of the most culturally-shared items of mankind.  From village meals to potlucks, we can wrap our heads around sharing prepared food, so why shouldn’t we BUY that way?  So I’ve developed an exchange for local buyers’ clubs of foodstuffs, spices, and more.

Using it is easy!

Facebook members: Click here and ask to join the group.  Invite your friends to do the same.

Then, when you want to buy something that you want to try, post a link to it on PantryClub, tell people how many you need to buy, what the cost is per-unit PLUS SHIPPING, and then order the item(s) and share with your new network of friends who need/want the same thing.

If you’re looking for great stuff that we’ve tried in our kitchens, that appears in our recipes, visit my JazzChefStore for our ChoiceStuff™, Spicedex™, and other personal recommends.

A non-Facebook exchange is coming soon!


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